Alexis & Pantelitsa | A Winter Photo Session In Crete


Alexis and Pantelitsa is an urban and very stylish couple that lives in the island of Crete, Greece.
Alexis is from the island and Pantelitsa is from Cyprus.

They met on Instagram and they have been together for 3 years.
They own a very unique jewellery store in Heraklion city, called BTG Design and they live in the city together at their own apartment.
They are both Instagram influencers with thousands of followers.

We wanted our session to be as unique, casual and easy going as them.
It was so much fun for me photographing them in Crete, that I can say for sure that this session is one of my favourite so far (that’s way the made the cut on my page).
This approach from me, is definitely something different of what I am used to present so far with my work, but this couple gave me the opportunity to show also this creative side of me, that is more casual and moody.

Scrolling around Heraklion City centre streets, was so carefree and fun and this I think reflects on the images.
I have asked them, to act like they are going for a walk around the city like I wasn’t there.
And I think it worked!
The weather was cloudy but it offered a nice and moody look on our images and complimented the session and the feeling we wanted to create.

Alexis and Pantelitsa, thank you for spending that Sunday evening with me as your photographer in Crete and I am sure we will meet again in the future, for something as nice as this!