An Alternative Elopement on The Island of Crete, Greece

An elopement at a dreamy location on the island of Crete!

Everyone knows Greece for its iconic and famous beaches, blue skies and the beautiful seacoasts.
Not many know the other aspect of Greece and Greek islands that is the more earthy and green.

Coming from and island like Crete, I always wanted to show to people the other aspect of the island that is so beautiful and unique.
These beautiful green landscapes, that a lot of people say that remind them Tuscany, are an aspect of the island that I am in love.

They are ideal for couples that are willing to try something unique and alternative for their wedding and also for their elopement.

On this elopement inspiration, I want to show to people another more sophisticated approach to the island of Crete, in a more boho and chick way.

The elopement took place at a location with two ancient churches and a beautiful landscape of pines and olive trees, near Heraklion town.

I wanted to look unique from all the aspects, that’s why I replaced the traditional wedding dress with a white tuxedo, that in my opinion adds something more chick but boho and alternative at the same time.
Jewelleries are those that my grandmother was wearing them on her wedding day!

Groom was wearing a black tuxedo, simple but elegant at the same time.

Wedding cake was decorated with cotton flowers, since it was the flower theme for the elopement. Bouquet was also made from cotton flowers in order to look as minimal as possible.

I am so in love with this elopement and the beautiful island of Crete!

Hope you get some inspiration and… enjoy!