I was always wanted to visit Barcelona. And thats what I did in April this year.

This city has something to attract you.
You feel like you want to walk all day around and you never feel tired.
As a city that a lot of famous artists were lived in, has always something to give you.
You only have to walk around and to visit places like Park Guel, Sagrada Familia, Picasso museum and many other places that you can easily find everywhere.
Gaudi has left his character to this city. Also Picasso museum was a very nice experience.
And I don’t want to stand in places. I just only have to say about this energy of this city that you feel everywhere.

Using again my film camera, I tried to capture as much as I could, as a photographer in Barcelona and here are some photos that I loved!
Hope you like them too and I strongly recommend you, if you haven’t been to Barcelona, to visit it soon and you will be amazed!