An Urban Photo Session In London, UK

A photo session in London that I am in love! London is a city of the world – and a world in one city. Around 230 languages are spoken here and you’ll find a wealth of different cultures and communities throughout the capital. London’s history stretches back over thousands of years As a city has […] Read more >

A «fruity» inspiration on the island of Crete with a vintage feel

A portrait session at the beautiful island of Crete, that I am in love! As a lover of vintage from all the aspects, I always want to create this feeling through my images. Is timeless and away from any trend or fashion that doesn’t last long. This inspiration took place at the beautiful island of […] Read more >

Alec & Danielle | An Elegant Wedding Proposal In Oia, Santorini

An Elegant wedding proposal in Oia Alec and Danielle are a lovely couple from USA. They met at Ohio State University in 2013. Danielle is from Ohio but Alec came from South Florida where he was recruited by OSU to come, play soccer. They met in her final semester and she made the decision to […] Read more >

Paul & Lauren | A Cozy Morning Photo Session In Imerovigli, Santorini

A cozy photo session in Imerovigli Lauren and Paul is a lovely couple from US. They asked me to be their photographer in Santorini, as they were coming to relax and enjoy some lovely time in Greece and they wanted to commemorate the special occasion with photos. What a lovely couple! I am so happy […] Read more >

Alexis & Pantelitsa | A Winter Photo Session In Crete

A WINTER PHOTO SESSION IN CRETE, GREECE Alexis and Pantelitsa is an urban and very stylish couple that lives in the island of Crete, Greece. Alexis is from the island and Pantelitsa is from Cyprus. They met on Instagram and they have been together for 3 years. They own a very unique jewellery store in […] Read more >

Jerel & Allegra | An Evening Photo Session In Pyrgos Village, Santorini

A photo session in Pyrgos that ended with the best possible way! Jerel and Allegra is a beautiful couple from Atlanta,US. Jerel contacted me before their trip to Greece because he was thinking of something beautiful for Allegra. He wanted to propose her in Santorini to be his long term wife! And that’s what he […] Read more >

Yoni & Lindsey | A Magic Proposal On Skaros Rock, Santorini

A magic proposal on Skaros Rock in Santorini When Yoni from California first contacted me he was hoping to propose to his long term wife Lindsey on the magic island of Santorini. We discussed various locations where he could surprise her and propose her with the perfect view of Skaros Rock as a backdrop. We arranged […] Read more >

Ali & Jenny | An Elegant Post Wedding Session In Imerovigli, Santorini

An elegant post wedding session in Santorini Ali and Jenny are a very nice couple from Australia. They tied the knot in Cappadocia-Turkey and they visited Santorini for their honeymoon trip, so they contacted me before the wedding and asked me to capture their moments in Santorini. Ali, has chosen a very nice blue suit […] Read more >

Shawn & Mandy | An Elegant Honeymoon Shoot In Fira Town, Santorini

An elegant honeymoon shoot in Fira Town Santorini Shawn and Mandy are a lovely couple from California. They got married in their home town this year and they asked me to capture their moments in Fira Town Santorini. We walked around the hotel they were staying for the photo shoot because Fira is a really nice place on the Caldera, […] Read more >

Dennis & Yoom | A Pastel Anniversary Photo Session In Oia, Santorini

A pastel anniversary photo session in Oia Dennis and Yoom, a very nice couple from San Diego, discovered my services on Instagram and asked me to be their photographer in Santorini. Yoom and Dennis  have been together for 11 years now. They met through mutual friends on the day Yoom was accepted to pharmacy school. […] Read more >