An inspirational bridal shoot on the actual Volcano of Santorini

Everyone knows Santorini for its iconic white washed buildings, the blue churches and the Caldera that the view is breathtaking.

There is also another perspective as unique and beautiful as the famous one.

Santorini, as it is well known, is a volcanic island and the volcano is just a couple of miles away from the caldera that makes it visible from the whole front side of the island.

Its black colour is so breathtaking, that makes you freeze for a moment when you see it for a first time.
The volcano is reachable by boat and also a small marina and a couple of churches are built there.
So what more you need for a unique and stunning scenery for a wedding in Santorini?

Working as a photographer in Santorini and in Greek Islands, was always challenging to me working on different projects and approach obvious things but with another perspective.

That’s what we tried to do with the team that we all conducted together this inspirational bridal shoot on the actual volcano.
To approach Santorini from another perspective, that has another beauty.

And what more you need for the perfect volcanic shoot in Santorini?
A bride, a black dress, a Riva boat and some gold and organic details to compliment the shoot.

And here we are!
A shoot inspired by the volcano and Santorini that will probably make you think, why not?

This inspirational shoot in Santorini has been published on one of the most prestigious and famous wedding blogs, Wedding Chicks.
Press here if you wish to have a look at the publication!

Special thanks to Diamond Rock Wedding Planner Santorini for organising and bringing all the things together.