My approach to food photography

Who can’t say that food is not a pleasure?
From all the perspectives.
Eating food, making food, photographing food.
Me, I just love doing all of the previous.


Since I remember myself, I love spending time in the kitchen making food.
The passion is coming from my inside, since believe that cooking is an art!



And as being an art lover, I could’t let it go without trying to learn more and more.
I always wanted to combine my two passions: photography and food.

After many years I am in position to say that eating cooking and photographing food is something that relaxes me and takes me away from the reality.



Getting away from reality and diving into the world of food, is something that makes me happy.

Because this is a world that you can never feel alone.

With all the smells and the flavours, you can’t feel more than creative!

In order to be creative, you always have to use all your senses:

Smell taste sound touch and vision.


That’s what I do when I am dealing with food.
I try to combine all my senses, in order to take the best out of it.

I try to use all my senses when I am eating when I am cooking but most important when I am photographing the food.



I have learned to respect and capture all the stages of the food making.
I want to describe the story behind the final product.


Food photography is not just taking pictures of pretty dishes and ingredients.
Is something more.

Is the connection.


The connection between you and the food.


In order to achieve this you have to get to known well with everything you have to deal in order to photograph food.



You have to create a connection between all the aspects that will help you to get the best result that will look nice but most important, tasty.



You have to make a connection between the food and the person that will see the picture of the food.

That connection involves smell, touch, vision, sound and most important, taste.


You have to make people taste the food through the pictures!


You have to make people happy!



And if you get there, that’s it.
That’s food photography.

The way to connect food with the people that want to taste it!


I am happy to walk this path every time that being asked to photograph food and make this connection happen.



Just because food is awesome!