April 2, 2021

London is a world city – and a world within a city.

Around 230 languages are spoken here, and the capital is home to a diverse range of cultures and communities. London’s history dates back thousands of years.
As a city, it has to offer world-class tourist attractions that are well-known around the world. Many of the most famous attractions, such as Tate Modern, the National Gallery, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, are free to visit.
The Thames River flows through the heart of London, from Richmond in the west to the central London borough of Westminster in the east.

I’ve always wanted to photograph in London because I’ve visited so many times as a traveller.
I adore the city of London! Such a widely recognized location.
There’s so much inspiration all around! That city has the best photo opportunities for you.
To be a photographer in London can be both inspiring and challenging. The shoot took place on a rainy and windy day. Despite this, I was able to obtain a substantial amount of material.

I chose to shoot in the Mayfair area because it is an iconic London suburb that provides many opportunities for a more sophisticated photo session in London. Capturing iconic London features such as red phone boxes, the London Underground, Green Park, and some classic streets was an experience for me because I am not used to photographing in such a different environment than Greece.
I hope you enjoy the photos and get the same feeling I do when I look at them!