Berlin, Berlin!!!

You can’t pigeonhole Berlin at all, and it is precisely this fact that makes the city so unique.

Originally the symbol of the Cold War and division of Germany, the former “Walled-in City” at the border between West and East Europe has developed into a permanently attractive travel destination since the Wall came down.

The Berlin Wall divided one of the most popular metropolises in Europe for almost 30 years. When it came down on 9th November 1989, the world changed.

These days, the appeal of Berlin is its fascinating mixture of history and zeitgeist, offering diverse attractions in art, culture, music, and entertainment.

Τhe city’s vibrant and flourishing creative scene, hot music and club culture put their own unique stamp on the unmistakable character of the lifestyle metropolis.

To be true, the first time you visit Berlin, you want to see the famous attractions. But don’t stay there. Just feel the city. Let the city leads you and you won’t be disappointed.
This place is all about energy and atmosphere. As soon as you feel it, you will be a Berliner for all your stay.
I am sure this city is made for me and I loved it!
Loved the local vinyl stores, the cafes, the museums, the art, the atmosphere, the people.

See you later, alligator!