A «fruity» inspiration on the island of Crete with a vintage feel

A portrait session at the beautiful island of Crete, that I am in love!

As a lover of vintage from all the aspects, I always want to create this feeling through my images.
Is timeless and away from any trend or fashion that doesn’t last long.
This inspiration took place at the beautiful island of Crete on a top of a hill that I love!
I always wanted to shoot there since it is a spot where I like watching the sunset and enjoy some red wine.
The olive trees in combination with the dry landscape, create a scenery that is unique.
A lot of people say that Crete is a strong reminder of Tuscany and I cannot agree more!
Olive trees, cypresses, dry landscape and sunsets that are always beautiful!
For this photo session I had a concept in my mind that could fit the most with this scenery.
I wanted to be a single girl session so the feeling will create to be stronger.
I used a vintage 70’s dress that my mother wore on her wedding day as a second look during reception.
Is a peach coloured silky dress with beautiful details.
The scarf is also vintage at the same colour palette.
Shoes and the hat are brand new, but they couldn’t be a better match with the dress, since it gives a modern touch to the session so it won’t look old fashioned.
Last but not least the fruit basket I used.
I chose to use this instead of a fancy bouquet because I wanted something different to compliment the shoot.
It gave the feeling of a picnic to the shoot and that was what I wanted!

I am so happy with the way images turned out, since it couldn’t be a better way to catch some early summer light that makes you feel more positive and thankful for everything you have in life!

Hope you like it!